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DIY: Basic Shea Coconut Lip Balm


Ever since I made my homemade + natural moisturizing lotion recipe , I've been on a quest to eliminate as many chemicals from my home as possible. Some of it involves making my own products like these homemade baby wipes. I've also been trying out a few cleaning and body care products from different brands.

It's been quite an intense journey to be honest, mainly because my life has been on overload recently, but also because I never realized just how many chemicals are around us on a daily basis, it's actually kind of scary! Anything from our skin care routine, to bathing, to cleaning our home, in our food, even our mattress and our car contains harmful chemicals, can you imagine?

With that being said, I have no intention of turning into a full on Green Holistic Naturalist (or whatever you call people that are 100% natural living) but I do hope to find some kind of balance and be more intentional in my everyday life without compromising my happiness and that of my family. Life is just to short to not enjoy everything you love.

Today I want to share with you a super easy basic shea coconut lip balm recipe. I'm using raw, pure and fair trade Shea butter from Kariderm. It's my absolute favorite product from their company. The texture is super light, it absorbs quickly and has intense moisturizing action. I use it in practically all of my homemade body care products.



1 tsp Shea butter
1 tsp Coconut oil
2 tsp Beeswax (grated)


Glass bowl
Lip balm tube


Heat all ingredients in a glass bowl over a hot pot of water, on low heat. If you have a double boiler, you can use that too. When I'm in a hurry, I do it in small increments in the microwave, but I really don't like using the microwave too much so the stove top is my favorite way. Once everything is melted, mix it a bit, then transfer the mixture to the lip balm tube using the pipette (the recipe is enough for 2 tubes). Wait until it cools and enjoy!

This is super quick and easy to make and it's surprisingly moisturizing. It's been my go-to natural lip balm for quite some time now and although I keep trying different brands once in a while, I always return to my homemade one. It's also a super fun, thoughtful and intentional gift to make for your friends and family.

What kind of skin care products have you tried making at home?


Disclaimer: This post was sponsored by Kariderm. The Shea butter was sent to me at no cost. All thoughts expressed in this post are my own.

Make Your Own Cookie Gift Wrap Using Wax Paper

Easy cookie gift wrap.

It just isn't Christmas without yummy gingerbread cookies.

I had so much fun coming up with my own gingerbread cookie recipe that I made a few extra batches to give away as party favors for Christmas. I didn't want to put naked cookies in bags because that's just boring. Any chance I have to get creative, I accept the challenge!

I didn't have any fancy bags or boxes so I came up with something super cute using wax paper, markers and ribbon.



Wax paper
Permanent markers
Baker's twine

Materials for DIY cookie gift wrap. Baker's twine, gold thread, wax paper, permanent marker, cookies.



1. Cut the wax paper into squares.

2. Draw a simple pattern (or whatever your heart desires) on the wax paper using permanent markers.

3. Flip the decorated paper upside down and place your cookie upside down onto it.

4. Fold the paper to wrap the cookie.

5. Add a pretty string or ribbon.

Simple cookie wrap idea instructions with wax paper and string.

There you have it! Such a quick and simple way to dress homemade cookies for a cute gift. You could use this for colleagues, friends or even your neighbors. Hope you enjoy wrapping up your home baked goods! :D

Do you have any fun way to wrap up single cookies?
Quick and fun cookie gift wrap idea. DIY to give cookies as gifts. Good idea for Christmas and Easter. Click through for tutorial.

Vanilla Bean Sugar Recipe

vanilla bean sugar flavor homemade.png

I've been working on an easy vanilla pudding mix recipe to go with my chocolate pudding mix recipe. I wanted to have to add as few things as possible other than milk, so I thought it would be a good idea to have some vanilla flavored sugar. Since I've been trying to do everything as much homemade as possible, I figured this would be a perfect addition. It would also make a deliciously quick and easy homemade gift idea.


1 cup of Sugar
1 Vanilla Bean

vanilla bean sugar ingredients.png


1. Cut along the vanilla bean and scrape the seeds out.

2. Mix the vanilla seeds with the sugar, then add the vanilla bean cut in pieces.

3. Put in an airtight container and let sit for 1 week.

homemade vanilla sugar.png

You can use this sugar in anything you want: milk, coffee, tea, cakes, puddings, milkshakes... That way you don't need to add vanilla essence or syrup!

It came out tasting quite strong and gets stronger the longer you leave the beans in. If you're looking for something a little less strong, you can use 2 cups of sugar with 1 vanilla bean. I'd also suggest removing the beans (not the seeds - obviously, lol) after a couple of weeks, or when the taste is strong enough for you.