Make Your Own Cookie Gift Wrap Using Wax Paper

Easy cookie gift wrap.

It just isn't Christmas without yummy gingerbread cookies.

I had so much fun coming up with my own gingerbread cookie recipe that I made a few extra batches to give away as party favors for Christmas. I didn't want to put naked cookies in bags because that's just boring. Any chance I have to get creative, I accept the challenge!

I didn't have any fancy bags or boxes so I came up with something super cute using wax paper, markers and ribbon.



Wax paper
Permanent markers
Baker's twine

Materials for DIY cookie gift wrap. Baker's twine, gold thread, wax paper, permanent marker, cookies.



1. Cut the wax paper into squares.

2. Draw a simple pattern (or whatever your heart desires) on the wax paper using permanent markers.

3. Flip the decorated paper upside down and place your cookie upside down onto it.

4. Fold the paper to wrap the cookie.

5. Add a pretty string or ribbon.

Simple cookie wrap idea instructions with wax paper and string.

There you have it! Such a quick and simple way to dress homemade cookies for a cute gift. You could use this for colleagues, friends or even your neighbors. Hope you enjoy wrapping up your home baked goods! :D

Do you have any fun way to wrap up single cookies?
Quick and fun cookie gift wrap idea. DIY to give cookies as gifts. Good idea for Christmas and Easter. Click through for tutorial.