DIY: Homemade and Natural Homemade Baby Wipes

reusable cloths for baby wipes

Why do we use store bought baby wipes to clean our baby's bottom at diaper changes? The answer is simple; for me it was a mix of convenience & the fact that I didn't know any better. Did you know that you can simply use water and a cloth? There. Problem solved. Thanks mom. However, I wanted something that could soothe my little one's cute little butt cheeks at the same time, so I added a bit Calendula and Eucalyptus Oil. Calendula Oil is moisturizing, anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal & gentle on baby bottoms. Eucalyptus Oil is anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial & antiseptic.



2 cup of warm Water

1 tablespoon of Calendula Oil

2 drops of Eucalyptus Oil

water calendula oil eucalyptus oil

You can either use cloths or disposable paper towels.


Mix all the ingredients & soak the cloths.

mixed liquids for homemade baby wipes


Squeeze excess water out & dispose of liquid mix.


Put your wipes in a container of your choice.



1. Make only enough wipes for one day.

2. Wash the container daily.

3. Wash the cloths after every use.

Do you use a natural homemade body care recipe?

My last words of wisdom; if ever I have another child, I'll still use the store bought wipes when I go out, or go on trips, it's much more convenient. At home though, I'll opt for the more nature friendly washable cloths.


: This recipe is homemade. I am not a health professional, I am simply a mother trying to find simple and chemical-free solutions for my family. This lotion works great for us but it may not work for you and I take no responsibility for that.