Hearty Taco Rice

Hearty taco rice.

I love quick and easy meals. Who doesn't right? Personally, there's a hundred other things I'd rather be doing (unless it's baking - 'cause I just can't get enough sweets).

I've been playing around with rice lately. I just adore how versatile it is. You can have it warm or cold. You can have it as a meal or as a dessert. You can have it on its own or mixed with other ingredients. It's seriously one of the most fun ingredient to play with.



1 cup Rice (cooked)
1/2 can of Corn
1/2 can of Red kidney beans

Rice, corn, beans.

To be honest, I've never really calculated the portions. I kind of just mix everything in to my liking. You might like it with more rice or more veggies, with more oil or more salt. It's totally up to you, play around with it!



1 or 2 tomatoes (diced)
Hand full of chives
Olive oil, salt & pepper (to taste)

Chives, tomatoes, salt, peper and oil.


1. Mix the rice, corn and beans.
2. If you're going to add the optional ingredients, cut them and add them to your rice.

Corn,  tomatoes, beans.

That's it. Pretty easy no? The whole thing takes about 10 minutes to prepare. That's about how long it takes for your rice to cook. While it's cooking, you can wash and dice your other ingredients. Once the rice is ready, just dump everything in and mix. It seriously can't get any quicker than this. Oh, and did I mention it's deliciously tasty?

Do you have any quick and easy go-to lunch recipes?

Yummy and healthy hearty taco rice meal.