DIY: Circular Cupcake Toppers

blue and white 1 year old cupcake toppers.jpg

These are the cupcake toppers I made for my son's first birthday last year. I was looking for something easy to start with in terms of cake decorations. I didn't have any special cutters or punches so I decided to go with circles. Anyone can find a circular shape in their home to use as a tracing model right? I actually used a couple of shooter glasses (gasp! - I have no idea where they came from, seriously).

Even though my little munchkin didn't end up eating any of the cake I made (good thing too because he ended up being allergic to eggs... !), I originally thought cupcakes would be a better option for a baby because they can destroy their portion (yep, that's pretty much what babies do to cakes) without touching everyone else's (an option I will choose again this year - egg free of course).


2-3 pieces of 12x12 card-stock (of different style/color)


Modpodge & Paint brush (glue works too)
Pencil & Eraser
Models (I used two shot glasses)

3 12x12 cardstock and toothpicks for cupcake toppers.png
cupcake toppers scissors mod podge pencil eraser.png


1. Trace your models on the cardboard using the pencil. I did 3 different sizes each on a different color of card-stock to add depth.

2. Cut all the circles. Yes, it would be much faster if you had punches, but I didn't, so it took me longer but was cheaper! :P

3. Assemble all the circles as shown below. Write the desired text on the inner circle (in my case I wrote 1 for my son's first birthday) and glue to a toothpick.

4. Rinse and repeat.

trace circles on paper.png
glue different size circles together cupcake toppers.png

...and here's the assembled product! Totally cute right? Took forever but I had so much fun! Plus it gave my husband and I a chance to talk without being distracted by our computers and phones. Lol. Life before technology!

lots of blue and white circle 1 year old cupcake toppers.png
first birthday boy cupcakes cream cheese no eggs.png