OOTD: Summer green

| Sunday, 4 August 2013

I recently bought this gorgeous green dress at Jacob & I just had to show you guys. I originally bought it for work, but I just couldn't resist wearing it to the Jacob's fall collection fashion show at the "Festival de Mode et Design 2013".

I wanted the outfit to be simple, elegant and practical so I paired the dress with some simple black heels, a blue silk belt, some pearls and a blue cardigan.

Aren't these ruffles just gorgeous? I find it adds a unique and playful touch to the dress. I also love this particular shade of green; it reminds me of the forest, so peaceful.

I have to admit, up until recently, I hadn't worn many dresses. However, I am quickly growing fond of them. They make me feel like a lady. Do you like wearing dresses?

Tip: When wearing a dress without tights or stretchy shorts, if your thighs rub together and create a painful rash, use some baby powder. Put some on your hands and rub it on your inner thighs, it will absorb the humidity: reapply every 4-6 hours. You can also use this trick if you can't put your feet into your heels. Plus, it smells good. :)

Dress: Jacob
Belt: Jacob (from a shirt)
Cardigan: Simons
Pearls: Aldo Accessories
Nails: An affair in red square by OPI


  1. Hey you look very nice Julie c:
    The color is so vivid! I also love
    that you are wearing red nail
    polishes! Xx

  2. Thanks Mei! I really love this color. I find I wear a lot of black and I'm trying to stop that! Lol. I also wear a lot of pants, here come the dresses!!

  3. Hi Julie! The dress is adorable, that green looks so good on you ;)
    Xo, Elba

  4. thanks elba! you inspired me to be more colorful. :)


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