What to Expect When Going to the Zoo

zoo de grandby elephant.jpg

Last week, my family and I went to the zoo (crossed an activity off my summer bucket list, yay!). I remember going a couple of times when I was little, and I have to be honest, other than the obvious "going to see the animals" part, I forgot what a day at the zoo meant. I made a list of a few things I think are important to know before you head out.

1. Be Patient
This is kind of obvious but believe it or not, I actually expected to see all the animals up close as soon as I got to their habitat. Silly right? Make sure you are ready to wait for them to come out; you could be waiting for a while. If you can, bring some binoculars, that way you wouldn't have to wait around as long; unless you want to take pictures.

2. Plan Ahead

There are often shows planned during the day. Research ahead and make sure you plan your day around these. Sometimes the animators attract the animals so you aren't waiting as long. Even if they don't, at least you get a bit of information while you wait. It makes the trip that much more interesting.

3. Bring Water
Make sure you bring a bottle of water for each member of your family. There are a lot of attractions and you'll be walking a lot, so you'll be very thirsty. I'm assuming you're going on a warm sunny day like we did, but even if you don't, I still recommend bringing water. Having an umbrella is also a good idea, you know, portable shade...

4. Bring Food
It's a good idea to bring some snacks. Food at these kinds of attractions tends to be a bit pricey. You can indulge in a few treats if you want, but it's still a good idea to bring snacks so you don't burn a hole in your wallet. Speaking of which, make sure you have some cash handy, because the food stands don't accept interact or visa.

5. Bring Activities
If you're going with children, make sure you bring some toys & activities just in case you have long wait times. It will be much easier for you, and a lot more fun for your kids. ;)

6. Wear Comfortable Shoes
I can't stress this enough. You are going to be walking all day, and most likely standing; comfortable shoes is a must.

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We had a lot of fun (if waiting around a lot can be called fun) and we will definitely make this into a yearly activity. I'm sure our son will appreciate it more when he's older. Have you ever been to the zoo?