6 Simple Ways to Get Serious About Blogging

6 simple ways to get serious about blogging. Click to find out more.

Recently, I've been rethinking my whole approach to blogging and I really want to get serious. Things tend to be a bit unpredictable in my part of the woods, but if there's something I know, it's that this little blog of mine is definitely here to stay and I want to start making it meaningful and profitable.

I've come up with 6 simple ways to get serious about blogging and I'd love to share them with you. Let me know if you use any other ways!


1. Make a business plan

Making a business plan is probably the first thing you should do when you're ready to get serious about blogging. It'll help you gain focus and clarity on your goal, purpose, ideal reader and brand. Once I complete mine, I'll share it with you guys so you can see the different aspects it contains.

For now though, if I can suggest one thing, figure out why you blog and who you're doing it for, then create a few associated categories for your articles. That should be plenty to start getting serious about your blog instead of just writing random, unrelated articles.

I have been working on mine for ever and I'm starting to feel like it will never be done. I keep trying to niche myself, but doing it that way just doesn't work for me because my ideal audience and purpose cover a variety of topics.

I want to write about motherhood. Not the usual kind of parenting blog you see around, I want this place to be a hip happening hub for young busy moms, you know, the place where it's cool to hang out and you don't feel like your life is on hold. A place where you go to find quick makeup tutorials, practical style tips, cute DIY decor ideas, easy and delicious recipes, parenting stories and tricks, fun activities you should try, and info on starting your own small blog/business on the side. Anyway, the more I think about it, the clearer it gets, but for now, I'm still experimenting.


2. Brand yourself

A brand is not a blog and it's not a business. It's what makes people think: "Hey, that's -your name here-!"

It's a mix of the fonts you use, the colors you chose, your profile picture, your logo, your tone of voice and many other things.

Are you funny or serious? Do you use vivid or neutral colors? Do you use serif or hand lettered fonts? Are your pictures dark or bright? Are you a story teller or are you more of a "get to the point" editor? All of these things will help you stand out from the crowd and is how your audience will identify you.

I encourage you to explore and experiment, but when you've figured out what works for you, don't forget to adjust your social media platforms accordingly so that they reflect your brand. Don't forget that your brand evolves over time and it's totally OK to re-brand, just make sure you let your readers know.

At first, considering the name I chose for my blog, I wanted a banner that was a bit cartoon-ish with stars and a moon. Now I want something a bit more bright and happy in color, something that conveys trust, womanhood and happiness (I'm still planning on adding stars though, lol). I'm slowly transitioning to a blue, mint and bright pink brand with hand lettering and sans-serif fonts. I want my profile photo to look inviting, trust worthy and fun. Just like my business plan, I'm still figuring everything out, but I like the direction it's taking.

I also suggest getting your own domain, it makes your brand look a lot more professional and official. I personally use Namecheap* and I'm quite happy with their service.


Yes, I would totally love for you to pin this.

Get serious about blogging in 6 simple ways.


3. Schedule and batch your tasks

Oh my god you guys. I just can't believe I haven't done this from the start. The best investment I have ever made for my blog was pay $10 for Buffer. It allows you to schedule social media posts. The free one only allows for 10 scheduled posts per social account but for $10/month you get 100, plus, you can schedule Pinterest pins too!

There are plenty of other ways you can schedule social media posts around so do some research and find the one that is best for you. I've been hearing good things about Boardbooster* and I'm excited to start using it because it can loop already pinned pins and automatically delete duplicates.

Have you tried it Boardbooster*? Do you like it?

As for writing posts, taking pictures, doing administrative tasks and investing in my ongoing education, I try to batch those as well. I've been trying to post once a week, on Mondays at 10AM. I suggest starting small, 1 a week or every 2 weeks, and working your way up, otherwise you risk getting burned out. When I sit down to write, on that day, I'll write and write and write until I no longer can. That way, I get a rhythm going and I am a lot more efficient.

On another night, I'll schedule as many social media posts as I can; articles from fellow bloggers, my articles, my products, affiliate links, and all that jazz. I used to post 1-10 times a week very sporadically, and now I post every single day about 10 times. Big difference in engagement.

 For taking pictures, it's the same thing. The night I choose to turn my house into a disaster zone and take out all my props and lighting equipment is the night I do it all. Fantastic and again, super efficient.

I try not to be too strict about it though because I like to have a life outside of my 9-5, mommy-hood and blog.  


4. Extend your reach and build community

This is just as important as any of the above mentioned tips. How do you expect people to know you exist if you don't put yourself out there and talk with people. I mean, it's pretty much the same in real life right? If you never leave your house and meet people, no one will know you're there. On the other hand, if you go out, even if it's just to the store, and you greet strangers warmly, eventually someone will remember you and you might even make a friend. It's the same for blogging.

Get out there and comment on other blogs. Share other people's articles and mention them (@name) on social media. Sent them a short email telling them how much you love their work. If you don't already have an email list (Mailchimp* is a great choice), you should make one. It can be a fun way to connect with your readers by asking them question and even sending them free exclusive gifts!

I'm still working on this one but I'm getting a whole lot better. The reason I find it a bit more difficult than the rest is because it's the only thing I can't batch. I kind of have to be present everywhere at all times.

Do you have any tricks you could share about building community?

5. Explore ways to monetize your blog

Isn't this the big million dollar question everyone wants to know the answer to? How can I make money with my blog?

Seriously though, there are so many ways, it's crazy. There's even ways no one has thought about yet. There's the obvious affiliate links, sponsored posts and banner ads but every since I opened up my Etsy shop, I've been wondering if there's more. Sure, I like to promote other people's products and services, and I still plan on doing so, but wouldn't it be more fun to sell and advertise your own?

I've been exploring the idea of creating eCourses and offering consultation services. I just don't know exactly about what yet. My egg free vanilla cupcake recipe is super popular so I was thinking I could start by doing an eCourse about egg allergies as a trial. Let me know what you think or if there's other courses you'd like to see me teach!

How are you monetizing your blog?


6. Invest in your education

I think this is super important. Very few people ever got anywhere without proper education. Think about your current job. You went to highschool right? Maybe you got a certification or went to college? University? That's cool. Well, it's the same for blogging. If you plan on making some money, be it a full time salary or passive income, you'll need to invest in your education.

It could be by reading articles from other well respected bloggers or eCourses. Maybe you need to book some consultations with a professional blogger or small biz owner. Regardless of how you do this, remember that there is always more to learn and the more you learn, the more you grow.

Personally, I invested $50 in the A Beautiful Mess "Blog Life" eCourse and I love it. There are a few other ones I'd love to take, mainly "Pinfinite Growth" by Melyssa Griffin of The Nectar Collective.

So! How about you? What are you going to do to get serious about blogging?

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25 Blog Post Ideas for Spring

25 blog post ideas for spring.

I love blogging so much and I seriously wish I could post every day like so many other blogger friends do. I just don't have enough time!

I've been trying to post more regularly though and I've been experimenting with different schedules. Originally I was just posting whenever I felt like it. To be honest, I think that if all your posts have the potential to go organically viral, you technically could do that and be successful. For me though, I didn't have a lot of success with that.

So I tried a 1 post a week schedule and that brought in a more steady flow of readers but not as much as I would have liked. Now I'm trying 2 posts a week but it's so hard to keep up with when you have little babies at home. Most days I don't get started until 9pm and I go to bed at ungodly hours. The next day, I wake up exhausted because my kids like to get up bright and early!! Lol.

Anyway, I've decided to start sharing some of my blog post ideas with everyone since I just don't have enough time to write about them all. So here are some ideas for spring!

25 blog post ideas for spring. Click through to find out.

1. Your spring bucket list (things you'd like to do)
2. Your spring reverse bucket list (things you've already done)
3. Show us one of your go-to spring outfits
4. What is your favorite memory about spring?
5. Make and share something spring inspired
6. What did you do for spring break?
7. What do you think about starting a garden
8. Write about your favorite thing about spring
9. What did you do for April's fool
10. Tell us about the funniest April's fool you did
11. Do you have any special recipe for spring? Tell us about it.
12. 5 spring cleaning tips
13. What is your spring cleaning routine?
14. 5 tips for filing your taxes
15. What is your favorite spring color, flower, texture? Why?
16. 5 tips for spring cleaning your blog
17. What did you do for Easter
18. Tell us about a family Easter tradition
19. Share one of your Easter recipe
20. Make and share an Easter craft
21. Your top 5 spring break locations
22. What is your dream spring break
23. Create and share a spring inspired hair style
24. Create and share a spring inspired makeup tutorial
25. Share your spring wishlist

If you're interested, I made a Blogging board on Pinterest. It's jam packed with recent actionable content. Make sure you follow!

Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

2014 favorite posts.

Happy new year! May 2015 bring you joy, love and most importantly, health. I want to thank all of you. I love being able to share my adventures and it always makes me so happy to read all of your comments.

Isn't it crazy how quickly time flies by? It seems like only yesterday I was putting away all the Christmas decorations and here I am again... Craaaazy I tell you.

2014 was an awesome year. At work, I had the chance of learning new skills as part of an amazing new team. I am so thankful for having the opportunity to meet them and work with them. I also started organizing my blog a bit more, which I'm very excited about. I still haven't reached my goal, or figured it all out yet, but I'm on the right track. Most importantly though, I gave birth to our second boy. He is an absolute joy to be around. He is always smiling and cuddly.

I've been enjoying decorating my home. Everything has been such a blur since we purchased our first house that I really haven't had a chance until now. We repainted the bedrooms and made a cloud stencil wall in our son's bedroom. I also made a super cute decorative cork mobile and a geometric embroidered painting to put in his room. I have a lot more of those kinds of projects lined up for 2015 so stay tuned!

Cloud stenciled wall.
geometric art.png

I've also developed a new love for nail polish. It's a fun thing to do to relax, and doesn't take much time if you have the right tools. Some of my favorite nail art designs from this year are my gold and white leopard nail art, bare daisies nail art and square nail art. I have so many ideas for the new year, and am super excited to try new techniques.

Black, white and gold leopard nail art.
Bare daisies nail art.
Square nail art.

I've also been busy in the kitchen. After finding out that my son is allergic to eggs, I made it a point to cook everything at home so that he wouldn't miss out on anything. From fancy desserts to delicious snack and meals. Some of my favorite recipes from this year are my 5 minute homemade chocolate pudding, the egg free vanilla cupcakes and these easy cucumber cream cheese bites.

Homemade chocolate pudding.
Egg free vanilla cupcake.
Cucumber cream cheese bites.

I also shared some random seasonal projects like this Halloween apothecary and this acorn mobile. I also started making homemade beauty and skincare products like this homemade natural lip balm and I plan on making more this year so stay tuned!

Halloween apothecary.
Homemade natural lip balm.
Fall acorn mobile.
What are some of your highlights of 2014?