Yeh! Yogourt et Café

yeh yogourt et cafe logo

On a relaxing weekend, during a really hot day, my fiance took me to

Yeh! Yogourt et Café

. It is a Montreal-based ice cream store which I highly recommend. I must say, it is the best one I have ever been to and I can't seem to stop going back! The ice cream is made on site with a perfect combination of fat free yoghurt, milk, probiotics, sugar & other ingredients which results in a not-too-sweet frozen dessert. They also have a "make your own smores", "make your own crepe" and a "make your own cookie" section, where you get to build it yourself on-site.

instructions for yeh yogourt et cafe

I find their logo very creative. The simplicity & colors are very appealing. The directions to order are very clear & simple. The design is classy with a modern edge.

ice cream sampling

The staff is

very friendly

& you can sample all of the ice creams for


before you make your choice... how cool is that?

healthy toppings

You get to pick whatever topping you want, there are fresh, juicy fruits...

not so healthy toppings

...nuts, chocolate, coconut, spices & sauces. The total cost is

48 cents/ounce


ice cream with toppings

Here is the final result... wow!

julie claveau enjoying yeh yogourt et cafe ice cream

Here I am, enjoying my well deserved ice cream. I absolutely love how there is fake grass inside with gigantic cushions to lie on!

The only thing I would recommend is sugar free ice cream for diabetics. Since they already have a lactose free choice, this would be a great addition.

My rating




: This is not a sponsored post; all opinions are my own.