colorful boats xochimilco

Xochimilco is such a beautiful place. It's like Venice but with super colorful boats on a series of water canals...with murky water that sometimes smells a bit bad.

michelada corona beer drink

Being married to a Mexican, I got a pretty special tour of some awesome Mexican sites (tourist and non-tourist attractions); like


. Am I lucky or what?

mariachi playing on boat

On the water, you can find other barges playing music for a fee, or selling food/drinks/items. You can also stop on the water side and visit nurseries and other cute shops.

mexican man with sombrero on boat

First impression

: Oooo, colors!!


: about $16 CDN for the boat ride, with free parking (if you drive there).


: The water seemed very dirty, it even smelled bad at times, but it's because its stale rain water. It's not actually dirty, but still, not very pleasant.


: Situated inside of Mexico city, you can go by cab from the city center for about $25 CDN.


: The person driving the boat was really sweet and informative. The locals on their own boats were selling us snacks and small items as we floated by them.

End feeling

: So romantic! I definitely want to go again.

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