xfallenmoon - Where Does the Name Come From?

Where does xfallenmoon come from? Drawing by Glyphy.

I don't think I've ever explained where the name xFallenmoon comes from and I thought you might find it interesting to know. It is the union of two original characters I created to represent my personality; Moonlight Goddess and Fallen Angel.


Moonlight Goddess

is my naive, kind, truthful, gentle, caring, elegant, happy, calm, pure side.

Her long dark hair flows in the breeze of dusk and her glowing turquoise eyes hint purity. Her simple, white sleeveless gown embraces the delicate curves of her fragile and pale body. Barefooted, she moves with grace and elegance through the woods of existence.
Within the darkness, she is the light: «Think of me, I am right there with you.» Watching over each of us, she stands strong, in the depth of night. With a gentle stroke of her hand, she soothes lost and broken hearts. She holds the key of truth: «Shoot for the Moon, and if you miss, you still land in the stars.» Naive and kind, she trusts blindly. She, is the Moon.


Fallen Angel

is my wild, passionate, mysterious, spontaneous, daring, dominant, dark side.

Screaming in excruciating pain, she falls to the floor. A single tear drips along her cheek as her white wings fade and her black wings reappear. Forever imprisoned by golden shackles, the glow of her turquoise eyes vanishes. Her long dark hair clashes against her cold and pale skin.
As light is engulfed by darkness, the Moon falls. Dark passion leads her on, as she burns and dominates the night. «The music, flows through my blood. Touch me, and feel my energy.» Lost in a wild and mysterious storm, she confronts the challenge of life. «Happiness is wanting what you have, not having what you want.» The Moon, has Fallen.

Fallenmoon is both original characters merged into one; the light in the darkness. The name later became xFallenmoon to add a touch of originality.


Credit: Art by Glyphy.