xfallenmoon on Etsy + Giveaway

I am so excited to announce the official opening of the xfallenmoon Etsy store!!!

As I mentioned in my 2015 goals, I've been meaning to start one for a long time. I had so many ideas but never enough time! At first I wanted to sell polymer clay miniature foods, then I thought homemade skincare products might be better, maybe even an original jewelry line. After thinking about all that it entailed... designing, crafting, packaging, shipping and all that, I figured I should probably start with something a little less demanding in terms of time (since it's kind of hard to find any with little kids and a full time job). That's when the downloadable print idea came in. That way, it will allow me to get a feel for running a store, and then maybe have a few different exclusive projects on the side. I'll be sure to let you know if I branch out with any cool new products.

For now though, to celebrate the grand opening of xfallenmoon Studio, I've decided to give away 5 downloadable typographic prints; 1 to each of 5 winners! Yay! There will also be a 25% discount event for 7 days following the end of the sweepstakes, so you can share my work with your friends and loved ones. The code is grandopening25 and will be valid from May 1st to May 8th, 2015. Enter below for your chance to win a gorgeous typographic print like the one pictured below!

There is magic in your heart printable wall art.