The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt, 3 ways. A new and improved version. Click through to find out!

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 Hey guys!

I'm writing from Mexico! I'm on vacation right now with my in-laws and having a blast. I have a whole bunch of posts lined up for you guys about my trip but first, I wanted to share a few of my Eater ideas with you.

My kids are growing up so fast and I've been looking for fun holiday related games to play during family events. I hope to turn these into traditions that they'll grow up to love and remember. Anyway, Easter is coming up fast, and I wanted to do an Easter egg hunt but I didn't want to do just a basic "search and eat".

So I came up with a couple of fun twists to the traditional egg hunt.

What kind of games do you play for the Easter holidays?

New and improved Easter egg hunt game.


Plastic eggs
Mini chocolate eggs

Materials for the new and improved Easter egg hunt.


1. I started by cutting strips of paper and writing simple instructions on them like "behind the couch", "under a pillow" and "on a chair". These will serve to make the game more interesting rather than a simple "find and eat" egg hunt.
2. After making the tags, I filled some of the plastic eggs with tags or chocolate eggs.
3. Play the game! :)

Make some tags for the Easter egg hunt game.
Fill some of the eggs with tags and instructions.
Color code the eggs for the Easter egg hunt.



1. Put aside some empty plastic eggs.
2. Fill some of the plastic eggs with 1 or 2 chocolate eggs.
3. Put a written tag from above in a few plastic eggs. 

Setting Up

1. Hide all of the plastic eggs, including the empty ones.
2. Hide some chocolate eggs by themselves.
3. Hide small bundles of chocolate eggs according to the tags from above. For example, if the tag says "in a cabinet" then you hide a bunch of chocolate eggs in a cabinet. These will be like a bonus stack for people who find them!


1. For a set amount of time, people search for the eggs (chocolate or plastic).
2. Whoever has the most of both types combined wins a small prize. 

Easter egg hunt, 3 ways. A new and improved version. Click through to find out!