Teotihuacan temples

These are the Aztec sun & moon pyramids near Mexico City. My boyfriend brought me there on a Sunday afternoon. Did you know Mexicans don't pay to visit their own historical sites on Sundays? How cool is that?

Teotihuacan temple

The site is absolutely amazing. Just thinking that people built everything with their bare hands and minimal tools is unthinkable. Makes me feel like we're becoming more and more physically lazy every century.

city of Teotihuacan

My boyfriend was explaining that there is a day in the year, where people come to absorb the energy of the sun (at the sun temple obviously). They climb up the pyramid wearing white, lift their arms and face towards the sun and stand there. I found it quite interesting.

flowers at Teotihuacan

First impression

: Oh. My. Goodness. I cant believe I'm here! o.o


: About $4 CDN. Yup.


: Well... there's the obvious dirt & grass, but it's to be expected on an archaeological site soooo... other than that it was very clean and smelled fresh.


: 48 miles from Mexico city, accessible by bus, taxi or car. I went with my boyfriend's family.


: There was a tour guide option but we didn't take it, everything is explained on posters at every stop. There were also lots of little merchants selling souvenirs.

End feeling

: I want to go back!! I'm an archeologist wanna be, so it was heaven for me.




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