DIY: Sugar Skull Candy Bowl

Make a bright and colorful sugar skull candy bowl to decorate your home for Halloween. Click to see the tutorial.

Yep, it's that time of year again!

I had so much fun making my Halloween apothecary last year that I've decided to get creative again this year.

Halloween is one of my favorite time of year to do crafts and decorate. There's just so much creative freedom. You can get as wild as you want and no one will blink twice.

I actually started this project last year but never got around to finishing it. You know how it goes right? You start a million projects on an inspiration wave, then you loose it and half of those projects get forgotten in a distant corner of the house for a few months...and sometimes more.

Does anyone else do that?

I've also been known to go into a craft store for a very specific thing and come back out 3 hours later with half the store in my bags. Oh, did I mention my very awesome and patient husband was waiting in the car the whole time?

Yea, he doesn't come anymore. 

Back to my project. So I saw this skull at the dollar store and I immediately thought it would be fun to turn it into a sugar skull to decorate my living room.

When I shared my idea with my husband, he mentioned it would be cool if it was a candy bowl. I swear, he's totally a creative inside. So off he went to drill. Awesome right?

So anyway, this super skull is chilling on my table right now, but I took out all of the candy because otherwise, my toddlers will at them all in a single sitting.


Have you created anything for Halloween? Are you making your own costume? What will you dress up as?


My boys and husband have asked to be the 3 musketeers so that's what my next project is going to be. If you're looking for me in the next 2 weeks, I'll either be raiding the dollar store or at my sewing machine.

See you all next week! :)

The materials to make a Halloween sugar skull candy bowl; skull, paint, paint brushes, sparkles, flowers.


Plastic skull
Acrylic paints
Paint brush
Artificial flowers
Glue gun
Candy (!!)

Spray paint your skull white first.
Cut a hole at the top of the skull and paint a face in black.
Have fun, add shapes and color to your sugar skull candy.
Glue some artificial flowers around the hole of the skull and fill it with candy!


1. Paint the entire skull white. I used spray paint but you can just as easily use a paint brush and acrylics.

2. Cut a hole at the top to insert your candy. I asked my husband to do it with his hand drill, it took him about 2 minutes.

3. Paint the eye sockets, nose hole and teeth outline in black. You can use any color you want at this point, have fun and be creative!

4. Decorate with pretty patterns around the eyes, the forehead and chin. You can embellish with faux jewels or even glitter!

5. Cut some artificial flowers and hot glue them around the head to form a flower crown. I glued them around the hole.

6. Fill with candy and enjoy!

The complete Halloween sugar skull candy bowl. A super fun craft for Halloween. Click through for tutorial.

A Quick + Easy Easter Center Piece

A twist decoration idea for your Easter table decoration.

Add a punch of color to your Easter festivities with this easy center piece. [ tweet this ]

Today I want to share a super quick and easy Easter center piece idea with you guys. I love adding small touches of color around my house for special holidays and seasons. I always find it refreshing to mix things up and modify parts of my home without changing everything around.

I was shopping at the dollar store for some plastic eggs to use in my Easter egg hunt game and I stumbled across this super colorful and shiny Easter grass. I ended up buying it on an impulse not really knowing what to do with it. Then I remembered I had this big empty vase and figured I could stuff it with the grass and turn it into a center piece for my dinner table. Who doesn't like inexpensive and quick decorations?



Easter grass
Glass vase

Materials to make your Easter table center decor.

Like I said before this is a super easy way to decorate you table. All you need to do is layer the Easter grass in your vase and bam! you've got yourself a pretty rad punch of color.

A quick and easy Easter center piece.

If you have any plastic eggs left over from the Easter egg hunt, you can randomly place them on the table when you set it for your Easter dinner. I also put some in the wine glasses. If you're hosting a more adult-friendly dinner, you can always hide some mini chocolate eggs in the plastic eggs you put in the glasses instead of playing the egg hunt game. I'm sure everyone will love a sweet treat.

Add colored plastic eggs to decorate your Easter table.
How do you decorate your home for Easter?

In case you're wondering what the center piece looks like on my table when it's not set for dinner... ;) Who said plastic flowers from the dollar store couldn't be fancy?

Another way to style your Easter center piece.

The Ultimate Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunt, 3 ways. A new and improved version. Click through to find out!

 Let's rock it with this ultimate Easter egg hunt. [tweet this]

 Hey guys!

I'm writing from Mexico! I'm on vacation right now with my in-laws and having a blast. I have a whole bunch of posts lined up for you guys about my trip but first, I wanted to share a few of my Eater ideas with you.

My kids are growing up so fast and I've been looking for fun holiday related games to play during family events. I hope to turn these into traditions that they'll grow up to love and remember. Anyway, Easter is coming up fast, and I wanted to do an Easter egg hunt but I didn't want to do just a basic "search and eat".

So I came up with a couple of fun twists to the traditional egg hunt.

What kind of games do you play for the Easter holidays?

New and improved Easter egg hunt game.


Plastic eggs
Mini chocolate eggs

Materials for the new and improved Easter egg hunt.


1. I started by cutting strips of paper and writing simple instructions on them like "behind the couch", "under a pillow" and "on a chair". These will serve to make the game more interesting rather than a simple "find and eat" egg hunt.
2. After making the tags, I filled some of the plastic eggs with tags or chocolate eggs.
3. Play the game! :)

Make some tags for the Easter egg hunt game.
Fill some of the eggs with tags and instructions.
Color code the eggs for the Easter egg hunt.



1. Put aside some empty plastic eggs.
2. Fill some of the plastic eggs with 1 or 2 chocolate eggs.
3. Put a written tag from above in a few plastic eggs. 

Setting Up

1. Hide all of the plastic eggs, including the empty ones.
2. Hide some chocolate eggs by themselves.
3. Hide small bundles of chocolate eggs according to the tags from above. For example, if the tag says "in a cabinet" then you hide a bunch of chocolate eggs in a cabinet. These will be like a bonus stack for people who find them!


1. For a set amount of time, people search for the eggs (chocolate or plastic).
2. Whoever has the most of both types combined wins a small prize. 

Easter egg hunt, 3 ways. A new and improved version. Click through to find out!