OOTD: Spring Time Relaxation

sitting on a roc.jpg

Last weekend, my husband, son and I met up with the rest of my family at our cabin. Everyone was there except the youngest of my brothers... who I miss a lot by the way. Yes - you. You know who you are. You're annoying, but I love you anyway. I can't wait to see you little brother. I was lucky that my other two siblings were there. We always have so much fun together. I am blessed to have you guys in my life, seriously, I love you more than you know. Each of you.

We didn't do much other than lounge around. It was kind of cold outside and everyone was still sort of on "winter" mode. You know, slow motion. Summer, I. Am. So. Ready. For. You. The warm weather, the ever-so-bright sun that makes you smile inside, camping, vegetating on freshly cut grass... I can't wait. Until then, bring it on, spring!

Anyway, since we were all more or less relaxing, I decided to go with a very comfortable, cozy and spring-time outfit; black cami and long cardigan, floral harem pants and pink scarf. For the shoes, I wore ballet flats with sock, cause you know, it was chilly and my little toes were cold. I don't wear makeup very often, especially when I'm at home or relaxing. So here's me, nature fresh. Imperfections and zits included.

sitting on a rock wearing flower pants.jpg
fun flower pants and pink scarf.jpg
black ballet flats.jpg
cute smile pink scarf.jpg


Cardigan: Jacob
Racerback cami: Simons
Ballet flats: Old
Pants: Urban Planet
Pashmina: Le Chateau