OOTD: Floral Print

close up of nails and necklace

I'm loving the new floral pattern and sheer fabrics coming out this season. Nothing too fancy, more of a casual outfit. Gotta keep it loose for the new mama.

cute flower printed shirt

I don't think I've ever shown you guys this, but my favorite accessory has always been this black lace glove. I usually wear only one; on my right hand. (: I also got this new Egyptian-like necklace last week - totally rad. Another one of my secrets; I'm an ancient Egypt fanatic. When I was 12, I started learning how to "actually" read ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs as a hobby. Speaking of which, did you see the


my mom made me for my 18th birthday? Quite a while ago, but still worth mentioning. Because you know... it's awesome, and I love her!

outfit of the day julie claveau