Married and Still Going

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As some of you may know, last Easter, we celebrated my parent's 30th wedding anniversary. Congratulations mom & dad, I love you both very much and am extremely proud of you. I hope my husband and I have the strength to follow in your footsteps.

julie and antonio

Planning their celebration got me reflecting on my own


and how it has evolved over the last

2 years

. We've had some good times (


or our first son, buying our first house) and lived through some rough times (losing 2 jobs, moving 3 times).

tree and sky

A pearl of wisdom from my dad


 "I keep my old things for a long time." - my dad.

You might be thinking: "Ahah, good one!" but seriously, think about it for a sec. It's no secret that we live in a very materialistic age. We buy something, a few years later we get bored of it, throw it out and buy a new one. Better yet... the item breaks and it's cheaper to replace it than fix it. What do you think this encourages? Do we bring this mentality into our relationships? Do we throw out our old things too quickly? I'm no better than the next person, but in this case, I think I'll also try to keep my old things for a long time. (:

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My mom always has the best advice


"Friendship is a basic requirement for a lasting relationship." - my mom.

She. Is. So. Right. Even if you aren't friends when you start dating, there is no way you can reach love if you don't befriend each other first (and constantly work at it). Friendship is all about communication, respect, compromise and getting to know each other; all


important to build a lasting relationship. In hard times, that friendship is what will hold you together. Thanks for the awesome advice mom.

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Dear husband,
I know I'm not always the perfect wife, but I hope you know how much you mean to me. You complete me and you make me so happy. I promise you that I will always try to be better.
Your loving wife
frozen river and bridge

That reminds me: for my parent's 30th, we offered them a photograph memory book. We used


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