Little Letters

rose and little letters

Dear winter

, I love your white fluffiness, but I am ready for warmth, please melt.

Dear projects

, it would really help me out if you could complete yourselves.

Dear Internet Explorer

, I hate you with a passion. Why must you require so many exceptions to coding. I have no time to tend to your specific needs.

Dear coffee

, never leave me. Waking up to you in the morning makes me happy. Your warmth melts my worries away.

Dear son

, you are my reason for existing. Every smile, every gaze, every touch, every hug, every breath, to me, is a miracle, and the best gift I could ever receive.

Dear time

, please multiply.

Dear lady bugs invading my house

, I truly hope you are lucky.

Dear universe

, thanks for always knowing what I need, and when I need it. I may not always understand at first, but I always end up agreeing with you.

Dear readers

, your comments make me ecstatically happy. I promise to always do my best to respond to each and every one of you. That - and visit your blogs.


, x