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[ Mr. bear playing with the couch | Sleeping on top of mommy | Moooom, my toque is too big ]

[ My violin | My favorite piece:

Rondo Capricciso

| First fire in our fireplace ]

[ Making a fruity salad | Lazy dinner: cheeses & sausisson | Sesame veggies I made ]

[ Preparing my first nail art | Decorative canvas I made for my son's room | Upcoming card DIY ]

[ Yummy V-day donut I ate | Cute bottle | A gift from me to me ]

I love flowers. I


love flowers. Especially having fresh ones around the house. Anyway, a few days ago, I gave up hinting around (however blunt my hints may have been) and got myself some. A gift from me to me. Sure enough,


the day my hubby decides to buy me flowers.


. We had a good laugh and now I have two lovely bouquets of fresh flowers. Yippee. What's your favorite kind of flower? Mine is a light pink carnation.

Even though I rarely get flowers doesn't mean my husband isn't the most wonderful man in the world; he's kind, generous, considerate, loving & the best father to my son. To top it off, I got breakfast in bed on Valentine's day. What more could a girl want?

What happened in your life lately?

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