Lately, According to Instagram

[ My son's favorite plush toy | I've been playing with my son a lot | My son's first pair of shoes ]

[ I created my first

nail art

| I found one of my unfinished OC | Still working on my new jewelry collection ]

[ I ate figs for the first time | Cutest onesie ever | Quick & easy lunch ]

[ I visited the local nursery | Spring finally arrived | We started taking long family walks ]

Spring is finally here! The weather is warming up and it makes me seriously happy. I have so many amazing plans for the summer like planting a garden & camping. I will be posting my summer bucket list soon, with a free printable! my son and I spent some time outside on Monday, it was really warm out. He crawled around on the grass and tried to eat some. It was so adorable. Here's my last

lately, according to instagram