I Am Married !!

husband and wife

I can't believe our day has finally arrived...and passed. It was absolutely amazing; better than I ever could have imagined.

Dear Husband,
I am incredibly happy to start this journey with you, and I am ever so grateful for all the love you give me.
Your loving Wife

The week before our wedding, my husband's parents came over from Mexico and we drove them around. We visited Niagara Falls, Ottawa, Montreal, and Baie-Saint-Paul. Needless to say, we were very tired on our actual wedding day.

bride putting earrings on

Our wedding was Saturday August 6 2011. In the morning, I started by getting my makeup done, then my hair. At this time, my husband was setting up the reception hall with my brothers.

married couple in front of church

Afterwards, we met at my parent's cabin to get dressed up and take some pictures. It was so meaningful for me to get pictures taken there, in the outdoors where I grew up.

side view of sitting bride

We then drove to my grand-parent's house to take family pictures and headed to the church for the ceremony. We took a horse carriage ride before heading into the church. I was really tired during the ceremony and I remember almost falling asleep at one point.

woman in wedding dress with horse

After the ceremony we took some more group pictures outside and headed to Manoir Richelieu (where we spent our wedding night) with my brother to take more pictures. Yes, we took a lot of pictures. c:

bride in car with pink roses

The reception hall was nearby. We joined up with the rest of the wedding party and guests for dinner after their cocktail. Our first dance was a waltz, and it was beautiful. The party didn't go too late because most of our guests came from far away and were tired. We didn't throw the bouquet or do the garter thing, but it was ok because we were very tired as well. All in all, it was better than I had imagined it.

The day after our wedding, we flew over to Mexico with my parents and did the same thing again in another country! :P

What would be your perfect setting for wedding pictures?

A special thanks to my brother in law for taking these pictures, they are simply amazing! Also, thank you to my mom for suggesting creative ideas, and to my wonderful husband for being so patient. c: