Happy Mother's Day

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What does your mom mean to you? What does being a mom mean to you?

A little late I know, but I hear late is better than never. So, happy Mother's Day! The lovely Nicole from Her and Nicole had the wonderful idea to ask a bunch of women what their mom, and being a mom, meant to them. This is what I answered.

My mom

...is the source of my inspiration. She made me who I am today and sets an extraordinary example for me. She always believes in me and gives me all the support I could ever wish for. Merci maman, je t'aime beaucoup!

Being a mom

...has put my entire existence back into perspective. It makes me understand what life is really all about; and I rediscover it through the innocent eyes of my child. As a mom, I learned what true happiness is and to love unconditionally. I also discovered my inner strength, and my ability to put another being's needs before my own. I am so fortunate to have an angel in my life.