Goodbye 2014, Hello 2015

2014 favorite posts.

Happy new year! May 2015 bring you joy, love and most importantly, health. I want to thank all of you. I love being able to share my adventures and it always makes me so happy to read all of your comments.

Isn't it crazy how quickly time flies by? It seems like only yesterday I was putting away all the Christmas decorations and here I am again... Craaaazy I tell you.

2014 was an awesome year. At work, I had the chance of learning new skills as part of an amazing new team. I am so thankful for having the opportunity to meet them and work with them. I also started organizing my blog a bit more, which I'm very excited about. I still haven't reached my goal, or figured it all out yet, but I'm on the right track. Most importantly though, I gave birth to our second boy. He is an absolute joy to be around. He is always smiling and cuddly.

I've been enjoying decorating my home. Everything has been such a blur since we purchased our first house that I really haven't had a chance until now. We repainted the bedrooms and made a cloud stencil wall in our son's bedroom. I also made a super cute decorative cork mobile and a geometric embroidered painting to put in his room. I have a lot more of those kinds of projects lined up for 2015 so stay tuned!

Cloud stenciled wall.
geometric art.png

I've also developed a new love for nail polish. It's a fun thing to do to relax, and doesn't take much time if you have the right tools. Some of my favorite nail art designs from this year are my gold and white leopard nail art, bare daisies nail art and square nail art. I have so many ideas for the new year, and am super excited to try new techniques.

Black, white and gold leopard nail art.
Bare daisies nail art.
Square nail art.

I've also been busy in the kitchen. After finding out that my son is allergic to eggs, I made it a point to cook everything at home so that he wouldn't miss out on anything. From fancy desserts to delicious snack and meals. Some of my favorite recipes from this year are my 5 minute homemade chocolate pudding, the egg free vanilla cupcakes and these easy cucumber cream cheese bites.

Homemade chocolate pudding.
Egg free vanilla cupcake.
Cucumber cream cheese bites.

I also shared some random seasonal projects like this Halloween apothecary and this acorn mobile. I also started making homemade beauty and skincare products like this homemade natural lip balm and I plan on making more this year so stay tuned!

Halloween apothecary.
Homemade natural lip balm.
Fall acorn mobile.
What are some of your highlights of 2014?