DIY: Clay Pot Decorative Stand

painted clay pots as plant stands.jpg

Dollar store craft? Yup! Cool huh? It's unbelievable how many things you can craft with a pinch of creativity. I had a few extra clay pots lying around & wanted to do something fun. These are so easy to make & so cheap! Plus, you can use them to hold so many different things!


Clay pot & Saucer
Acrylic paint & Brushes

I bought all the materials at the dollar store for a dollar each. Cool right?

painted clay pots plant stands tools and materials.jpg


1. Paint with a base color of your choice.

2. Turn the pot upside down & glue the saucer on top. I used a glue gun.

3. Decorate!

paint clay pots to make plant stand.jpg
glue the painted clay pots.jpg
painted clay pots plant stands.jpg

I just used paint, but if you want to go crazy, you can add ribbons, glitter, gems... How would you decorate these? ...and voila! Cuuuuuuute huh? If you make one, send me a link or photo, I'd love to see them!

diy plant holders with clay pots.jpg