DIY: Jewelry Organization Display Board

diy jewelry organization display board

I'm starting to have a lot of jewelry. I have a really beautiful jewelry box, but it's not big enough, and my necklaces were getting tangled up. I tried hanging them on a clothes hanger but that idea was a total fail. Then I remembered the previous owners had left cork boards in every room. My husband had taken them down and insisted on keeping them... I'm so glad I found a use for one. You can use the board as a decorative item for your room if you add a nice frame, paint it or add ribbons... but mine is in my closet, so I kept it simple.



Cork board

Push pins


cork board with push pins and jewelry


Place the pins on the board.

push pins on board


Hang your jewelry.

jewelry hanging on cork board

I filled in gaps with more pins to hang earrings and bracelets.

What is your favorite kind of jewelry? What is your favorite jewelry store?

Yup, it's that easy!

do it yourself jewelry organisation

I used colored push pins in the tutorial so you could see them better, but on my display I used clear and white pins.