DIY: Handmade Business Cards

xfallenmoon business card diy.png

I recently attended a blogging conference. Before I went, I searched how to prepare myself for meeting other bloggers and realized I had no business cards to hand out. Wait, that's not true, I had some very very sad business cards to hand out. As in, hand cut, one sided, white printer paper with Times New Roman 12pt font. Sad I tell you, very very sad.

Now that I think about it, it's probably a good idea to have business cards regardless of whether or not you will be attending conferences. It's always nice to have something to hand out with your information on it whenever people ask what your site is about. I can't tell you the amount of times people were like: "You're a blogger? What's that? You mean you write your life on the internet?" ... and then I sat there for 20 minutes explaining everything. So glad I have business cards now, I can just hand one out and invite people to check it out. :)

Do you have business cards? What do they look like? What is your opinion on handmade business cards?

I haven't finalized my branding, so I don't feel ready to invest in professionally printed business cards. Soooo, I figured, why not make my own? That way I can make as many as I need, I'll have some fun, plus, it'll be unique.


Cardstock (2 different colors)
Pencil & eraser
Permanent marker (I suggest black)

business card diy materials.png


1. Cut 2 rectangles of different color (I suggest making one white) and glue them together. Cut out some shapes and make a simple logo. Glue it in the center of the colored side of the card.

2. Write your blog's information in pencil on the white side of the card. When you're satisfied with what you've written and how you've written it, trace it with the black permanent marker (or colored if that's what you're into) then erase the pencil marks.

3. Distribute!

black and star business card diy.png
diy business card information side.png

Here is some information I suggest you write on your card:

  • blog name (obviously)

  • slogan (or short description of what your blog is about)

  • blog url

  • blog email

  • your name (if you have space, I didn't)

  • social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram... I'd go with one or two of the ones you use most)

diy business card display xfallenmoon julie claveau.png