DIY: Crib Bumper Pads Into Bite Guards

brown crib with green bedding

Oooooh, the rookie mistakes...


- Buying a nice crib.

My husband and I invested in a crib that our son could use for most of his life, you know, something nice. Who hasn't had that brilliant idea? Seriously. Well, it turns out that cute little babies turn into mini gnawing monsters that can reduce "the nice crib" to fire wood.


- Buying cute decorative bedding.

As a new parent, who would think that store-bought  items specifically designed for infants could be dangerous? Apparently babies can turn in their sleep, stuff their face in a corner and choke.

After much reflection, I have managed to turn 2 wrongs into a right...use the bumper pads as anti-bite protection & voila!

crib bedding turned into bite guards


: My son is almost finished teething and he never bit his crib; not even once. I think people exaggerate...