DIY: Acorn Mobile

Learn to make your own fall acorn mobile to decorate your lovely living room fire mantle.

After I made my fall garland I had some acorns left over and I had some empty space above my fire place so I made a cute little decorative mobile. It's super easy to make.


Thin gold wire



Materials to make an acorn mobile decoration.


1. The first thing I did is wrap the gold wire around the branch. This is to add a little bit of color and at the same time, it allows to hang the mobile. See how I made one of the hoops a bit bigger?

2. After preparing the branch, I tied all the acorns together. Don't forget to glue the tops so the acorn doesn't fall off it's top!

3. Lastly, I tied the acorn string to the branch and added a few of the extra attached one (from the fall garland) to each side.

Wrap the wire around the branch.
Tie the acorns together.
Attach the tied acorns to the wire wrapped branch.

Isn't it just cute? You could even paint them if you want, to add a punch of color, or maybe even add some beads between the acorns. I might end up making different variations of this over the next few years; something fun to do with my kids in the fall. :)

A super cute fall acorn mobile to decorate your fire mantle.