A Fun Night Out, How I Met My Husband

Last weekend, my husband, son and I went out for some hot chocolate at

Juliette & Chocolat

. It was so nice to get out of the house and enjoy the city a bit. Even though our life has been filled with many magical moments ever since we became parents, I miss going out with my husband. The last time I remember going out alone with him was when we were dating. Speaking of which, I don't think I ever wrote how we first met.

I'm sure you all know that I absolutely love to


. Strangely though, I was never really a fan of salsa until I met my husband. A friend of mine had convinced me to try it out. The very first time I accompanied her, my husband (who was a random man at the time) kept waiting in line to dance with me... and every time we danced, he had this huge smile stamped on his face. He later told me that my smile and passion for dancing kept him coming back. At the end of the night, he asked for my number. I didn't really feel comfortable with the idea, so instead, I gave him my email so he could add me on Facebook. Every weekend he would send me private messages asking if I was going salsa dancing. I replied no quite a few times, because quite frankly, salsa dancing still wasn't my thing. A few months later, on a weekend where I needed to unwind, I said yes. We spent a part of the evening sipping a deliciously creamy milk hot chocolate at Juliette & Chocolat, followed by an evening of hot salsa dancing at

Club 649

. This later became a weekly routine. We fell in love shortly after that. :)

Juliette & Chocolat is chocolate heaven, literally. They offer a wide variety of imported chocolates with unique flavors and serve them practically in any way imaginable: grandma or classic style, dark, milk or white, in shots, milk-shakes or smoothies, with fruits or spices, and even as alcoholic cocktails. They also serve meal crepes and salads; perfect for a quick boost in energy before an evening of dancing... that velvety grandma hot chocolate will


pull me back in.

Club 649 is a Latin night club. There are four reasons why I enjoy this club. First, knowing how to dance is not a requirement; they offer free dancing classes (beginner, intermediate & Brazilian) Monday through Thursday, from 9:30 to 11pm. Second, the cover charge is only $5, yes... $5. Third, the age group varies quite a bit; anywhere between 20 and 50. Last, you don't need a dance partner; there are plenty of friendly single men and women waiting around the dance floor just waiting to dance with


. Plus, the atmosphere is fun and relaxed.

So there you have it, that's how I met my husband. I seriously can't wait to go out dancing again, I miss it a lot. Until then, we'll just enjoy a hot chocolate in town once in a while.

Where do you go to enjoy the nightlife?

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