5 Ways to Use Periscope to Engage With Your Readers

5 ways to use periscope to engage with your readers. Click through to find out.

Oh my god you guys. Have you heard of Periscope? Have you tried it? I have a hunch that it's going to be the next big thing - social media wise.

I love how it's so REAL. There's no "setting the camera perfectly", no "choosing the right filter", no "editing", it's just the real you, which is absolutely perfect. And then there's the thrill of being live. Sure, you can practice ahead of time and make your broadcast all perfect, but it's just so fun to start filming and improvise! Plus, it's super authentic, which is awesome for connecting with your readers.

For those of you who have never heard of Periscope, it's an app where you broadcast, live! You can tune in to watch anyone, real time, from anywhere in the world. If you miss a broadcast from one of your favorite scopers, you have 24h to catch the replay before it's gone.

So! I've been brainstorming ideas on how to use Periscope to connect and engage with your readers. Sure, you could use it to randomly film little parts of your life, and you can still do that, but there are so many other things, especially as a blogger (or business owner), that you could use it for!

Periscope is a whole new ball game when it comes to engaging with your readers and community, so I came up with a fun list of things you can do to build your trust with you community (other than the obvious "look at what I see right now").

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1. Business Advice

Right now, there are a LOT of business scopes going around. I'd say they're probably the hottest thing of the moment, especially among bloggers and entrepreneurs. It doesn't need to be long, just a quick 5 minute scope on things you've learned or succeeded at is enough. It could be how to grow your Instagram tribe, or your ideas on how to build a mailing list. Anything you think could be useful to other business owners, new or seasoned. This is a perfect way to engage with your blog readers by sharing some of your knowledge with them. Plus, being live gives them the opportunity to ask questions! Awesome for engaging with your readers.


2. Q + A Sessions

I see a lot of people doing this on YouTube or as blog posts, which is still a very good idea, but now, you can also do it live through Periscope. You set a date and time and advertise it on your blog and social media. People log on to ask you questions via the mini chat and you respond live simply by talking. It's so much more personal and your readers will really connect with you (and you with them!). You can even make a summary blog post for your readers who missed it.


3. Behind the Scenes

Who doesn't like to peek inside the personal life of their favorite person?

What do you do all day? Where do you go? How do you do your makeup? What are you wearing to work? What did you make for dinner? What is your favorite night time routine? You can even share your work space, or what you're currently working on.

All of these things, and more, are ideas of how you could build stronger relationships with your readers and engage with them on a more personal basis. This will create a stronger bond between both of you.


4. Mini Tutorials

I've already seen a few of these around and love them. It doesn't need to be something long or complicated. It could even be a remake of a previous blog post with added tips or bonuses. At the end of your post, you could add a message asking your readers to join you on a certain date for a mini craft/cooking/makeup (whatever your post is about) party to recreate your article together. Tell them to get the materials, and you can make it together. This will give them the opportunity to ask you question, and give you the opportunity to add extra tips hence engaging and building community with your readers.


5. Collaborations

Reaching out to fellow bloggers for a collaborative scope about a certain topic would be a perfect way to engage with your readers. You grow your network and your community gets double the info. Win-win.

For example, you could decide to give your personal Instagram tips. One of you could talk about how you edit your photos and the other could talk about how to network and grow your following. You exchange emails about your topic and what you plan to cover, then set a date and time. I suggest doing each scope at a different time; preferably one right after the other. Advertise your upcoming scope collaboration your respective social media. That way, you reach more people and engage with new possible readers. The idea behind scoping one right after the other is that you give all viewers a chance to catch you live to ask questions (increasing engagement) AND you also get to log onto each other's scope to show support + give hearts!

Of course, a good practice would be to tag them in your scope title and give them a shout out during the broadcast for others to check them out.

You could also collaborate with a brand you love by featuring them in a quick scope through a product review or monthly favorites. The possibilities are quite literally endless.