Photo of blogger Julie Claveau.

Hi! I'm so glad you're here!

My name is Julie; I'm a busy working mom of 3, late night blogger and creative superstar. I blog from Montreal, Canada.

My absolute favorite things to do are playing with my kids, taking photos, dancing, playing World of Warcraft, and creating new things.

I have a B.Sc. in Physics + Astronomy, I visited 15+ countries before I was 20, speak 3 languages (French, English + Spanish) and started playing the violin when I was 3.

My favorite color is blue (although turquoise + pink are close seconds), my spirit animal is the dolphin (or maybe a snow leopard) and I drink way too much coffee.

Being a mom, building an online brand, and finding some time to refresh your creativity can all be a tad overwhelming at times. That's why I created xfallenmoon to help you find creative inspiration, get your life & biz organized, and be intentional about the decisions you make.

I share creative projects, blogging tips, and parenting experiences to inspire you to think outside the box and dare to be different.

I also create free resources to help you along the way like stock photos, guides, courses and inspirational prints. You can find everything in the free resource library by signing up to be a Creative Superstars. As well, if you like the photos on my site, I have a free styled photography course to help you take your own!

P.S. If you're wondering why I chose the name xfallenmoon, you can read this post.

Now grab yourself a warm cup of coffee, some cozy slippers, and a fuzzy blanket because I have lots to share with you!

Tips on being intentional and positive to make family life easy and fun. Be daring + be true.

Projects to inspire your creativity and help you disconnect from your constant hustle.

Resources to help you get organized and create a visual brand that attracts and retains.

Healthy basic cooking for the busy mom. Egg allergy friendly.