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| Thursday, 17 April 2014

Lately... we bought our 21 month old son his very first violin. Crazy? You might think so. His concentration span might not be very long, but his learning capacity is insane (much like any child of that age). He may not yet be able to play, but after a month he can hold the violin and the bow correctly, as well as move the bow across the strings almost in the right spot. All this with only about 10 minutes of practice a week (randomly).

Lately... I started playing World of Warcraft again; when my little one is sleeping. I don't have a lot of time, but I try to enjoy it as much as I can amidst everything else I want/need to do.

Lately... we visited IKEA to buy a bed side desk for our son. We chose a single, white EXPEDIT shelving unit with a 2-drawer insertion. It's the perfect size. We're trying to do a gradual transition to a twin bed before the new baby comes. So far so good! We just put the twin bed mattress on the floor so he doesn't get hurt if he falls. He just loves it because he can easily climb up or down on his own, and he can do running belly flaps. Lol.

Lately... I bought some cool paper straws in preparation for our son's second birthday. I want to make it extra special.

Lately... I may or may not have eaten all the marshmallows out of a Lucky Charms box.

Lately... we spent some time in downtown Montreal and ate at Schwartz. It's this tiny little smoked meat restaurant in the heart of the city. It looks like nothing on the outside, and the inside is very plain, but the food... OH-EM-GEE. Seriously, the best smoked meat you have ever had in your life.

Lately... my skin has been clearing up and looking oh-so good. I love what pregnancy hormones do to your body (not counting the first trimester).

Lately... we finally found our fancy dinner set. It took us forever to agree on dishes, yes, dishes. Then one day, out of the blue, my husband spotted these gorgeous mint patterned plates and said: "I like those!" My first thought was; "Really?!?! Oh my goodness, me too!" So we bought the whole set at Home Sense. Such an awesome store for random things.

Lately... I've been catching up on projects which have been on standby. Home decorating, recipe trials and lots of snuggle time with my baby.

I am so totally impatiently waiting for summer. It seems like winter has been longer and more depressing this year. Was that just me? Anyway, just seeing these pretty flowers from last year makes me happy. Bring it on spring! :)

Trying to make recipes from scratch doesn't always turn out the way you'd think. These mini cupcakes look pretty delicious, but they weren't that good. Lol. They were supposed to be coconut/pineapple flavored, but they were dry and tasted bland. Next try maybe. :)

recent favorites

1. These fox flats from Modcloth.
2. These perfect ringlets hair tutorial by Freckled Fox. So bouncy and cute!
3. The "Spring-Time to Shine" contest by Modcloth. You can win a $50 gift certificate by sharing your Spring Style by 1 p.m. PT on 4/28.

inspired by

1. This art by Chibird. Seriously the cutest, most inspirational art you'll ever see.
2. This nail art by Pshiiit. Definitely something I want to try.
3. This video. This girl has such an amazing voice.

random facts about me

1. I love to kiss attack my son. It makes him laugh uncontrollably.
2. I have way too much white hair for my age.
3. I wish I could stop time.

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  1. Oh my husband loves WOW! hehe. He doesn't get to play as much as he wants to but, he does enjoy it!

    Bummer the cupcakes did not turn out as you imagined but, as you said, they do look pretty! =D


  2. Hi Nancy!

    Yea, it's a pretty good game, very addictive too. I've had to cut down A LOT since I became a mom. Good thing too. :)

    I was really looking forward to those cupcakes...they were supposed to be pina colada. Lol. But yea, dry and bland. Bummer!

    Do you make any recipes from scratch?


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