DIY: Easy doily garland

| Monday, 28 April 2014

I've been in a festive mood lately. With my sister's wedding coming up and my son's 2nd birthday soon I've been making garlands! I also took this opportunity to add to my home decorating project by making a doily garland for my son's bedroom.

I still have a few different kinds I'd like to make. So many different creative ways to make can play with color, texture (feathers, glitter), tools (glue, thread, punches, scissors), materials (paper, plastic, felt, cloth, tissue paper) and accessories (beads, crystals, leaves, straws, sticks).

Anyway, enough with the dreaming and on with the tutorial. Here's how I made the doily garland.

Kraft paper

I bought the doilies for $1.50 at the grocery store and the ribbon at the dollar store. The kraft paper I bought at Michael's.

Glass (to trace a circle)

1. Cut the doilies in half.
2. Trace circles on the kraft paper and cut then in half as well.

3. Lightly glue your kraft paper half circles to your doily half circles.

4. Sew all your pieces together onto the ribbon, or glue them.

You're all done! I find it adds a festive touch to a room or any special occasion. This is a super easy project and it's quick too. If you're ever stuck inside on a cold rainy day, this is definitely a project for you. :)

Have you made any garlands for your home?


  1. Ohhh these looks beautiful ^___^
    and so sweet that you're making it
    for your sisters wedding as well c:

  2. Hi Mei! Thanks! They're for my son's bedroom. :) Next, I'll be making some for his birthday! ^^

  3. oh hey that is a cute idea, esp for a special event like wedding reception :) I hope you are doing well and life is treating you well!! xo

  4. Thanks Julie! It's for my son's bedroom. It would also be a good idea for a wedding though. :) I'm doing well, second baby on the way, I'm getting big! xD Hope you're doing well too! <3

  5. This looks amazing, such a creative idea! I love your blog, keep in touch!

    x leah symonne x

  6. Hi Leah! Thank you. I love making garlands! :)

  7. I'm loving the idea of adding glitter and feathers. These are so cute!

  8. Thanks Elba! I kind of want to make one with leaves and/or branches. Maybe a fall project? :D

  9. this garland is SOO CUTE!!!! I made something like this before, but without the kraft paper - this is such a good idea though - LOVE IT!!



  10. Hi Laura!


    Originally I was going to make this garland with crochet doilies because my mother in law gave me soooo many I don't know what to do with them, lol. But then I found these paper ones at the grocery store and thought it might be easier to sew them all together.

    What did you use the garland you made for?

  11. Hey Julie,

    I basically poked holes through the centre of white paper doilies like the ones you used, and strung them along a garland of fairy lights. So it was a lit up garland that cast pretty shadows along the wall. :)

  12. Oh wow! That's an even better idea! I love the thought of using fairy lights, and having lace-type shadows on the wall. Do you have any pictures?


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