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| Thursday, 22 August 2013

I recently updated my resume. I pondered a long while on whether or not I should include my blog. A lot of people still don't quite understand blogging and I thought it wouldn't always be relevant. Since my blog is part of my life, and has been for some time, it felt wrong not to include it; especially since I've learned so much from it.

I learned basic/intermediate HTML & CSS coding. I learned how to use Photoshop to edit photos and make graphics/animations. I learned about photography (lighting, composition, rule of thirds). I learned how to use social media in a semi efficient manner. I learned how to write interesting articles. I learned how to negotiate and establish partnerships. I learned how to create a community. I learned how to give advice. All of these skills were self taught and I (just like every other blogger out there) deserve recognition for my work; at the very least, you can demonstrate that you are resourceful and proactive. Which brings me to my main point: how to include your blog in your resume.

FIRST, decide on a title for the job you are doing on your blog. Are you an entrepreneur? An editor-in-chief? A creator? A designer? A writer? A photographer? A visionary? A cook? An artist? At this point, you can make up your title because you work for you! so make it sound important. ;)

SECOND, decide on the status of your employment. Is it freelancing? Are you an independent worker? Self-employed?

THIRD, write the job description. I already mentioned a few things above, but to get you started I made a few short examples on what you can write depending on the type of job you are applying for. Let me know if you have any other ideas and I'll add them.

Editor in Chief
Independent Worker, September 2010 – Present
I own a personal blog called _________. I write about _________. I draft, edit and publish articles. I organize post schedules and answer reader questions. I research HTML programming and format HTML/CSS coding. I create and maintain database records. I plan events and manage calendars.

Marketing Specialist
Freelance, September 2010 – Present
I own a personal blog called _________. I write about _________. I develop and manage a wide range of marketing tools, including proposals, promotional materials, event invitations and e-mail public relation pieces. I establish clear and constant communication through posts with my blog community. I connect with potential clients through various social media. I negotiate and establish partnerships with various brands and businesses in order to collaborate on projects and articles.

Freelance, September 2010 – Present
I own a personal blog called _________. I write about _________. Using Photoshop and illustrator, I create blog packages which include style concept development, a custom banner & background, font selection & color palettes as well as custom navigation & social networking icons. I also code websites using HTML and CSS on the blogger platform. I negotiate and establish partnerships through social media. For my portfolio consult [blog address].

Freelance, September 2010 – Present
I own a personal blog called _________. I write about _________. I take different photographs according to personal requirements or those of clients. I use extensive equipment including lights, cameras, lenses, and Photoshop to improve the quality of photographs. I work in liaison with other professionals including writers, editors, and graphic designers. For my portfolio consult [blog address].

Editor in Chief
Independent Worker, September 2010 – Present
I own a personal blog called _________. I write about _________. I am responsible for a budget as well as the administration of revenue and expenses. Through various social media platforms, I negotiate and establish partnerships with brands and businesses to collaborate on projects and articles.

There you go! You just added your blog to your resume. Easy as pie. You can add or modify things if you want, these examples are meant to be generic. I think adding your blog to your resume is a way to stand out. It's not very common and it's intriguing... so when the interviewers ask about it, you have an opportunity to outsmart the other applicants.
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  1. Hi Julie! I want to update my resume one of these days. These tips are going to help me a lot. I am going to save them ;)

  2. Hi Elba! I'm so glad this post was helpful. I'd love to see what you end up writing. If you have any suggestions on how I could make the generic examples better let me know! :)

  3. Thanks for the handy resume tips c:
    I also have grown in coding in HTML
    and such really! Xx

  4. Hi Mei! :) Yea, and you have tons of really creative skills to show off too. You should totally add it to your resume. Like your tiny fimo desserts, and your gorgeous food photography... you're so talented.

  5. THANK YOU! These tips are so helpful! <3
    But what if I want to write all of them? Like, I want to show them that I am a photographer, designer and a writer? Do I separate them or?

  6. You can write all of them in one if you want. It shows you are multi talented! I just wrote specific ones because usually when you apply to a job, you try to show that you meet the requirements for that one job, but sometimes it helps to show that you can do more! You can take little parts from each of my examples and blend them into one. :) You can add things too!

  7. This is a very cool article.
    I'm also shy to admit that I have a blog coz yea, not anything can relate to it.

  8. I totally went ahead and put it in my resume. I'm sure you can find a way to make it sound really important! :)

  9. This is awesome! :] I haven't added mine to my resume, although I've toyed with the idea! I'm kinda shy about letting future employers know that I write about my life online (I'm in med school, so the whole privacy issue thing worries me, even though I never write about patients or administration with any sort of identifiers).

  10. Ah yes, that's a tough one! I guess you should analyze if it's relevant to the job you're applying to? I usually put my blog because there are essential skills I learned during blogging that demonstrates how good I would be for the job.


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