Nail art: Blue with white polka dot

| Wednesday, 20 March 2013

diy tutorial blue and white polka dot nail art

Up until recently, the only person I had ever seen wearing nail polish was my grand-mother. So I rarely ever wore any, except when I was little and my grand-ma would pass me some; you know, a girly activity to do together. ...then I was inspired by Memorable Days & Burkatron, so I decided to give it a shot. I was amazed at how fun it was and how pretty it turned out. I'll definitely be doing more so stay tuned!

Nail polish:
Beach Bum Blu nail polish by Essie
Mermaid Glitter nail polish by Forever21
White nail art pen by Sally Hansen
blue nail polish and white nail art pen

1. Apply two base coats of Beach Bum Blu.
blue painted nails

2. Apply Mermaid Glitter to tips of nails.
dark blue nail tips

3. Draw lines & dots with nail art pen.
4. Apply a coat of clear nail polish to seal.
draw white dots and lines on blue nails

It's important to add the clear top coat to seal otherwise your design will rub off within a day.


Sally Hansen nail art pen

Likes: Easy to apply. Dries quickly. Comes in many different colors. Can remove mistakes with water. Looks pretty.

Dislikes: A bit expensive for what it is ($8 CAD). If you don't apply a clear top coat of polish it rubs off within a day. It's very watery. Need to reapply more than once to get desired result.

My rating: ♥♥♥♥♥

Disclosure: This review was not sponsored. I bought the product myself and gave my honest opinion.


  1. Waaah so pretty c: Love the blue and
    the white polka dots! To reply your answer,
    I indeed record it with my DLSR camera
    and make it into a gif. image in Photoshop!


  2. I finally found the time to blog hop. YAY!

    I like this but I'm worried I can't achieve the same result with my right hand (left handed here!). But still, gonna buy that Sally Hansen nail art pen! :D

  3. i was wondering when you'd be popping up! :) how was your trip?

    i did my right hand with my left hand, and i'm right handed, the dots weren't too hard. lines on the other hand... now that would have been hard (which is why i didn't try. lol)

  4. I'm sorry! Haha! Ever since I came back, I was so lazy to do anything. The trip was nice but short. Wish I can come back. Posting the photos soon! :D

  5. Cool. Looking forward to seeing all your beautiful pictures!

  6. I just started playing around with Photoshop animations. I'm not very good at it though. I made the banner for this blog, but that's about it. xD


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